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Portuguese Sea by Fernando António Nogueira de Seabra Pessoa

Salt-laden sea, how much of all your salt
Is tears of Portugal!
For us to cross you, how many sons have kept
Vigil in vain, and mothers wept!
Lived as old maids how many brides-to-be
Till death, that you might be ours, sea!

Was it worth? It is worth while, all,
If the soul is not small.
Whoever means to sail beyond the Cape
Must double sorrow - no escape.
Peril and abyss has God to the sea given
And yet made it the mirror of heaven

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Behind the Curtain by Coral Bracho

Behind the curtain there is a world of calm,
behind that thick green
is sanctuary,
profound hush.
An unsullied realm, its silence.
From that flowing vision
of another world,
from that other reality's diaspora of sounds; from that other time,
enmeshed, they are calling me.

A Woman's Portrait 1938 by Toeti Heraty

The painting conveys her exquisite taste:
ear studs, bracelets, green and yellow selendang;
the sash conceals her pregnancy.

The death she is carrying can’t be disguised.
The life she carries will grasp and cling on.
Yearning, restlessness and the turmoil of fear
are not recorded in the brush-strokes,
pencil outline of a face
surrendering to the flow of history.

The painting, with its final brilliant gesture,
only fully reveals this face
when it is framed by memory.

July 1989

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A smile, Softened into a White Dress, by Ruth Ferez

Pink blossoms, crème colored roses, weddings and romance,
And perfume:

Pith of the picture;

The past in a book about fairy-tales that last
And linger;

Crystal, crystal;
Swans floating in a lake in the park:
In the Winter;

Sorrows simplified, just like a little sister
Who cried when her granddad died;

A smile, softened into,
A white dress.

(Copyright Ruth Ferez, 2010)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Candel in a Vortex of Water by Caleb Charland

A Fallen Star - A Short History of the Life of Julius Caesar

Born around 100 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, Julius Caesar was reared into the fraught, semipolitical wars of Marius and Sylla; Marius being the leader of all plebeians, Sylla being the leader of the aristocrats or patricians of which political party held the most sway in the senate during Caesar's youth. The young Caesar's persuasions were with Marius of who's family he was also married into, in spite of the fact he was born of Patrician stock. As a young man Caesar did not involve himself in politics, however when Sylla sent orders to Caesar to disown his wife, Caesar flagrantly and haphazardly refused, such was the fervid, heady and unsubduable insubmissiveness of his personality. It was these same character traits that led him to take risks throughout his careor.

Having defied Sylla who had now placed him on a most wanted list, Caesar fled Rome. For a time he wandered about and with a festal and light heart he enjoyed society. At one point during his wanderings Ceaser was held to ransom on a ship by Pirates, yet his will would not yield to his captors. When told to send word to Rome to pay for his ransom Caesar proudly told them he would have them paid a considerable amount more then they originally demanded. In response to this the Pirates were struck with awe. Caesar became imperious with the Pirates, ordering them about until his ransom was paid and he was returned to Rome. Then upon his return to Rome he sent his men to where the Pirates where anchored, there he had their throats cut and their dead bodies nailed to crosses while recovering his ransom money. Surely this was a sign of a future tyrant? However upon his accession Caesar proved himself to be an egotist but not a tyrant. More than anything else, Caesar is renowned for his long-drawn-out contests with his enemies, more so even than each and every war that he successfully fought and won. Yet he was merciful to all who opposed him once he had overcome the obstacles they set for him.

One of his rivals was a man called Pompay. Pompay was a few years younger than Caesar, good looking, charismatic and articulate in The Forum where public figures held speeches. Like Ceaser, to gain the hearts of the populace Pompay spent extravagant amounts of money on public entertainment venues, importing gladiators and wild beasts to be pit against each other in the Coliseum, organising public feasts and so forth. During Pompay's wooing of the populace Caesar had been at war in another land. Jealous of the key to the city Pompay set about a war with the returning Caesar, but it was in vain. Pompay fled to Egypt, the only country he knew of that was not under Rome's jurisdiction. As the Egyptians did not want to antagonise the Romans they could think of no other option than to assassinate Pompay. Pompay was murdered and his head was cut off and sent to Caesar who had been on Pompay's tail; but when Caesar beheld the head of his former foe he was distressed, for he had no intention of killing him, instead he intended to welcome him back to Rome and assign for him a new occupation there. Pompay left behind him two sons.

Many years later when Ceaser has ascended to great heights, upon the near realization of his ultimate dream, his coronation, Pompay's sons, along with many other conspirators led by one of Ceaser oldest enemies, a man called Crassus, all of who did not want a monarchy reestablished in a republic that had prevailed for the past 500 years, begun to plan the assassination of Ceaser. As it happened Pompay's sons failed in their own attempts to overthrow Caesar and went into exile, there they lived for a time enduring wretched hardships before they were assassinated and their heads brought to Rome. However his enemies, led by Crassus, continued to conspire against him, and at once they begun to plan the actual assassination of Caesar. They intended to do it on the day of his coronation during the month of March, hence the saying 'beware the Ides of March'. They intended to do it publicly, so as to give the strong impression that this was what the public wanted. On the day of his coronation Caesar sat down to receive petitions, as was the custom. One of his would be assassins looked up at the statue of his foe, the former Pompay and begun to invoke it. The assassin was suddenly filled with an angry passion. He, followed by 26 others. approached Caesar and they begun to stir up a fight so as to produce a reaction in their pray and therefor give them an incentive to strike him with their knives. Their method was a success and all 27 of them pounced on Caesar. He fell down bloodied with his wounds and uncannily he died at the foot of Pompay's statue. After Caesar died a monument with a star above it was erected and it was said that for seven days after his death a comet blazed across the Italian skies.

(Copyright 2010, Ruth Ferez)

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Doesn't he look like an American Indian with that long hair? He sounds like one to me as well.

The People...

...Circa 1775

The Northern Paiute address themselves as Numa while the Southern Paiute address themselves as Nuwuvi, both names mean "the people." They live in the Great Basin of the lands of eastern California, western Nevada, and southeast Oregon. These two major tribes lodge in specific territory's near the lake wetlands where they hunt for fish and water fowl. Rabbits and pronghorn are taken from surrounding areas as they gather together in tribal communes. They name each commune after the food that each consumes in accordance with the areas each occupy; there are the ground-squirrel eaters, the Cui-ui eaters and the Toi Ticutta eaters. It is a peaceful scheme where even the women of marriageable age move between these tribal communes. Everywhere they dig for grass seeds and roots and in the fall they take to the mountains to forage for Pinyon nuts, an important body insulator for the coming winter months. Their manner of living in the harsh desert environment from generation to generation has made them well adapted to it.

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I feel his eyes on me. He stands behind me and hovers over me with a sword. This man is embittered by power and wealth. This man has a grudge against me. I don't know what I did against him however unreflective I may have been. What ever I said, it must have made him very angry. He summoned his henchmen and profaned my name among them. Word spread. Distortions of my image and personality circulated and circulated. I tried to use my artfulness with language to express my innocence but his henchmen were indifferent to my voice. The women in his circle boast to me. They stand in expensive cloths near where I am, or with their boyfriends proclaiming public displays of affection as if I wanted what they had. As the years go by it continues and worsens. They have a demeanor, menacing, mocking. The men walk slowly in front of me, the women in front of me ruffling their hair as if to provoke me. Sometimes they approach me directly and ask stupid, patronizing questions. When I am in a group they infiltrate the group. They simulate caricatures of my sensibilities, they even deceive me so as to make a fool of me. And all the while there is this Arab in the background, influencing an ever expanding enemy. I am just a girl. I am not invincible. Each time I think of him he grows more hideous in my imagination. Even after he is dead his hateful legacy towards me will continue because he has distorted my reputation beyond recognition. My enemy's rejoice in this destruction of my life. They watch me night after night with glaring malicious eyes and popcorn in hand through hidden CCTV cameras aimed at my home. I am repellent in their eyes. My enemies wait until they can capture me and with all their might utterly destroy me. But I have a mighty blackout of them. I only glimpse the horror for it is too much for a mortal to comprehend. And I am still here, drifting as I am through this miserable existence until I either drop dead or am raped and murdered. My only hope is heaven.

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Genius Comedian.

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A Very Strange Enchanted Boy

Lagunas y pausas
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My bedroom at present is completely bare save for a Queen Ann chair and a small pink framed picture of Jesus King of all Nations. I am waiting till the apartment gets painted white before I return to my room. Then I will put posters on the wall that mean something to me and bring my bed back in.

A Privilege